We’re here to bring more women

into B2B Tech.

WoMAN Digital is an initiative meant to celebrate the brilliant ladies rocking the B2B Tech scene. By doing so, we hope to empower more women to work in the IT industry 🦸‍♀️

Our Plan

We’re inviting inspiring female leaders from the tech industry for a series of events throughout 2021. 

We’ll be hosting webinars, workshops, interviews, and Q&As to learn about building a career in the tech industry as a woman.

🎒 When and how to get started?

🧑‍🎓 What kind of background is needed to build a career in tech?

❤️ Where to seek support?

👨‍💻 Is IT really a man’s world?

🌻 How to cultivate your best self and succeed in the tech industry?

All events will be open for registration and available on-demand

Your Plan?

While we’re working on the agenda and doing the outreach magic, you can help by spreading the word about WoMAN Digital. 

👇 Sign up for an upcoming event.

💬 Give us a shout-out on social media. 

👭 Talk your gal pals into exploring B2B Tech.

✍️ Share what you’d like to see in this series.

🦸‍♀️ Give us tips on the badass women in B2B. 

We invite you to join us live or access the recordings in your own time. We also encourage you to share the events with your study group, community, or colleagues — the more ladies get involved, the friendlier the B2B Tech space gets for other women and girls.

Upcoming Webinars 🎙

Tech Industry Future is 50% Female: Fixing Talent Shortage in Times of COVID-19

Caroline Ramade

Caroline Ramade

CEO and Founder of 50inTech

There's never been a better time to hire women in the tech sector.

This is how Caroline Ramade - CEO and Founder of 50inTech - sees the COVID pandemic. With the share of women in tech being as low as 20%, there's every reason to fix this by hiring diverse female talent.

We invited Caroline for a chat on finding the courage to leave toxic workplaces, recognizing your value as tech talent, and leveraging a female network to find your place in the IT industry.

Register to join live on 6 April!

Webinar Recordings 🎧

Being a Strong Woman in IT:

Entrepreneurship, Personal Branding & Female Leadership

Anita Kijanka

Anita Kijanka

Founder of Come Creations Group & Strong Women in IT

What does it take to be a strong woman in IT?

Female leadership and entrepreneurship in the tech industry is an exciting topic, and we have the perfect guest to discuss it with!

Anita Kijanka is a strong woman in IT who leads by example. She's the founder of Come Creations Group - a creative agency for tech companies. She's also the lady behind Strong Women in IT - a community of female leaders in tech. Last but not least, Anita is a Ph.D. in the social sciences and a soft skills trainer with a 12-year experience. 

How Dare We: Why the Tech Industry

Is a Place for Women

Aleksandra Bis

Dare IT Co-Founder

Natalie Pilling

Dare IT Co-Founder 

“If you’re not the STEM type — a coding prodigy and a genius — there’s no place for you in the tech world.”

Watch us prove this wrong with the ladies behind Dare IT.

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